What is Tim's Deals?

A comprehensive calendar of deals & events in ArlingtonReston, & Tysons, VA.

Why is Tim's Deals Different?

I list EVERY deal & event I come across, not just the best ones or the ones I'm paid to promote.

My goal is a true calendar with ALL options on any given day.

Is Tim's Deals Profitable?

That's Funny. No. At this point, I'm most interested in building the site, discovering

deals and events, adding cities, and simplifying my process. 

Why Then?
I subscribe to the
Gary Vaynerchuk school of thought.

Provide a valuable service to the community and it will take its course in due time.

Is 8 years long enough? LOL.

I absolutely believe this is a one-of-a-kind service and one that simply needs to be

tweaked, perfected, & discovered more than anything else. 

Please help me spread the word!

That Being Said...

I offer Deals & Events of the Day or Week, logos on my site, and other ad hoc promotions for peanuts.​ ​Contact Tim for more information.

What Types of Restaurant Deals does Tim's Deals Post?
Burger Days, Wine Nights, Taco Tuesday, Brunch , Lunch & Dinner Specials, BOGOs, Free Stuff, Weekly Specials, Happy Hour Deals, Bar Specials, Military Deals, Ladies Nights, Service Industry Nights, Kid Specials, Carryout Deals,  Gift Card Deals, Coupons, Promotions, & More!

What Types of Events does Tim's Deals Post?

Live Music, Comedy, Theatre & Performing Arts Events, Trivia, Karaoke, Open Mics, Wine & Beer Tastings & Dinners, Community Events, Parties, Festivals, Races & Fun Runs, Farmers Markets,

Pop-Ups,  Classes, Workshops, & Lessons, School Functions, Open Houses, Free Exercise Events, Bike Events, Networking Events, Local Government Events, & More!

What Types of Sales & Promotions does Tim's Deals Post?

Store promotions, Sales, Weekly Ads, & More

​What Types of Kids Stuff does Tim's Deals Post?

Kids Meal Deals, Kids Dining Events, Fun Events, Classes & Workshops, & More!

What's Next?

New cities in VA, DC, & MD. Where do you want me to go next?


 I would love your feedback on what you like, don't like, want to see more of, etc. 

How can you help?
 Please send an email to your friends, mention me on social media, share and like my posts, etc.


While I have a core following, I need the other 99% to know I exist! Please help!